Fostering Collaboration Between UNESCO in the Field and Networks Toward the 2030 Agenda

UNESCO event “Fostering Collaboration between UNESCO in the Field and Networks towards the 2030 Agenda”, organized by UNESCO Regional Sciences Bureau for Asia and the Pacific with the generous support of the Japan Funds in Trust, the Indonesian Funds in Trust and the Malaysia Funds in Trust, gathered more than 80 stakeholders including UNESCO representatives from Headquarters, Field Offices, National Commissions and Category 2 Centres, in Bali (Indonesia) from 21 to 24 July 2016. The event included the 3rd Strategic Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Biosphere Reserves Network.

Objectives of this event :

  1. Discuss and elaborate strategies for fostering dialogue, cooperation, networking and sharing of knowledge as well as resources among the UNESCO Field Offices and its Networks to support the delivering of the Agenda 2030 through the UNESCO mandate on Natural Sciences.
  2. Discuss on a joint strategy for the implementation of the Lima Action Plan for Biosphere Reserves in the Asia-Pacific region.
  3. Support interdisciplinary initiatives and develop joint project proposals on Natural Sciences
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